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Wisteria & Vine offers hand dyed silk ribbons, gauze runners and napkins suitable for any kind of projects and events, from weddings and styled photo shoots to food photography and stationery styling. If you don't find an answer to your question in the list below, please contact us here.

Are your ribbons and textiles made by hand?

Yes, they are. Each piece you buy under Wisteria&Vine brand made by hand including dyeing, cutting, pressing and packaging stages of ribbon and textile crafting process.

What fabrics and pigments do you use for your products?

We use different types of silks (habotai silk, cotton silk, georgette silk etc.) which are all 100% natural. The same as our cotton gauze textile. All pigments we use for our hand dyeing process are non-toxic, plant-based and produced in EU.

Are the colours I see in shop pictures accurate?

We do our best to make photos of our products in natural light. However, silk texture has an unique structure, which reflects light differently at different angles. It makes the silk capturing process more difficult and can cause some colour variations in the picture. Please, be aware that the particular colour and shade of the item may look slightly different because of your monitor calibration, type, or settings.

The color of my ribbon (runner, napkin) slightly varies from the colour in the listing picture, why?

For obtaining the same tint we always use the same pigment mix and the same type of fabric, which are marked in the listing description. However, we make our ribbons and fabrics in small bunches and due to the nature of hand dyeing process, the final shade can slightly vary from previous dyed batch to the darker or lighter side. We do our best for making it always the same but it always has its own individuality.

I have some darker spots and variation of color on my ribbon, why?

The hand-dyeing process has several steps, including boiling fabric in water, drying freshly dyed ribbons and washing it after in cold water. Each of these steps can cause some darker spots, variation of colour and hue inconsistency along the length. We actually like this and think, that it gives a ribbon natural one of a kind look and it proofs, that fabric dyeing was made by hands.

What is the difference between different types of silks?

We offer our ribbons made from different types of natural silks, they have different textures and lightness. Silk habotai is fine, smooth, sheen and silky hand type. We offer silk habotai ribbons 9 momme and 12 momme thick. Momme shows the thickness of silk textile (lighter weight silk has smaller momme number in description). Silk georgette is a lighter and thinner type of crêpe fabric which has a unique grainy feel texture. Silk cotton is a blend of 50% silk and 50% cotton fibers. It is lightweight, silky, smooth, soft and slightly sheens. Crinkle silk is a chiffon type of silk, very light, thin, soft, sheer and has a lovely crinkled surface.

How long/wide ribbon do I need for my bouquet?

For bridal bouquet we suggest wide ribbons (5/7.5/10cm or 2'',3'',4'') and 1.5m/1.6yd long. For making dramatic look choose 3m/3.3yd length. For bridesmaids bouquets 2.5/4cm or 1'', 1.5'' wide and 1.5m/1.6yd long ribbons look on point.

How soon in advance should I place my order?

The sooner the better. We suggest to place your order at least 1 month before your event if your are a European resident and not less than 2-3 months if you are located out of EU. Always there is an option of express shipping but you can save your money ordering ahead.

Do you accept custom orders and/or custom colours?

Yes, we do. If you don't see in W&V shop the size, quantity or colour you'd prefer for your project, don't hesitate to contact us directly. We gladly work on custom orders and can try to make our textiles in your custom colours.

What if you don't have enough table runners in stock?

Feel free to drop us a message and we make as many runners/napkins or ribbons as you need. We don't afraid of large orders and would be happy to make it for you.

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